Carolyn Helmer, Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Cancer Center

Chris Draft speaks often of how his wife, Lakeasha Rutledge Draft, embodied a zest for life and had a spirit that just wouldn’t quit, even in the face of cancer.  She knew how important it was to keep a positive outlook and to concentrate not on dying, but instead on what life has to offer each and every day.  Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Cancer Center provides many programs to keep cancer patients focused and moving forward with a healthy body and a motivated mind, from creative cooking classes to yoga and Tai Chi.  All are designed to enkindle a healthy attitude towards treatment, recovery, and life, and all are available free of charge to any Georgia resident who needs that extra encouragement to stay motivated during treatment.

Carolyn Helmer, manager of Cancer Wellness, says that the program strives to nurture the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of patients.  The offerings are designed to reduce stress, to allow patients to “exhale” and “find hope”, and to provide opportunities to socialize with other cancer patients.   The hope is to enable participants to recover that joie de vivre that Keasha was able to demonstrate and express throughout her inspiring and courageous battle with lung cancer. Respond and Donate

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